Who can register?

If you would like to share, exchange knowledge and support SATSIK you can register. People who can benefit most from registering with us include Drs, nurses, hospital, schools, teachers, parents as well as individuals. For instance, if you are a doctor or teacher registered with us, you can refer your patients/students for OT evaluations and treatments, and if they give consent, we can send you their information directly. The information will include the OT evaluation outcomes, recommendations as well as patients responses. That way, you can have first hand information about their performance. You will not be charged anything for this information if the client has given consent to share it with you. Also your patients may qualify for some benefits including discounts and free information relating to their conditions. This information may be in terms of handouts, seminars or training. You can consult SATSIK for more information about these benefits.

Young children from birth to 4 years

Young children
Young children from birth to 4 years need developmental stimulation to achieve expected skills at a certain age for activities of daily living tasks and in preparation for schooling. Note there are some kids who are brought up by nannies, grandparents or even parents who have little knowledge of what a child is expected to be doing at a certain age in motor tasks, intellectually/cognitively, socially or in self care tasks. Such kids are noted to struggle a lot more with tasks and learning when in same situations with agemates who might have been more prepared. They may eventually lose the confidence/self esteem and at times end up being labelled as slow learners. In SATSIK we are working with the parents and kids who are in such situations to improve their life skills to prepare them to succeed through life challenges.

Children ages 4-7 years

Children ages 4-7 years for school preparation. Some skills that enable a kid to cope with school life e.g paying attention, following directions, handling emotions, letter recognition, cutting, prewriting/writing, play skills etc, do not development automatically but could be enhanced. At SATSIK we enhance these skills and train parents on home based activities for convenience in order to prepare the child. If a child is at school and having difficulties, we can work with the teachers to assist the child cope with the challenges for success.
Young children 4 7 years

School going children

School going children
School going children who might have problems with coping with expected academic workload, social participation, following directions, handling emotions, visual motor skills, having difficulties motor planning e.g having a lot of difficulties writing an 8, is clumsy –can’t skip etc. At SATSIK we help prepare the kids in order to prevent future frustration that may make the child fear/hate school.

Children with disabilities

Other children with disabilities that may limit participation in daily life skills e.g due to severe weakness, contractures, poor positioning, fractures etc. At SATSIK, we shall assess, prescribe and help in the acquisition of medical equipment as needed so the child will be able to live as near normal life as possible.
Young children 4 7 years

For adults

School going children
1. Assessment and treatment of adults with physical dysfunctions- eg stroke, hypertension, fractures, etc
2. Education on affordable home programs and home adaptation.
3. Help in assessment, prescription and acquisition of medical equipment/devices.
4. Use of electrical stimulation and ultra sounds in the treatment for strengthening, nerve recovery and flexibility in joints.